Didnt even get out of the car yet!

did an inspection recently at a small dual use property that was a small fishing store and residential unit. i pulled into the drive and didnt even get out of the car yet… :shock:


Kinda reminds me of my last visit to Mexico . . . be careful out there.

Makes you wonder why the meter reader has not reported this yet.

If he’s like our guy that does the fly-bys he hasn’t actually read it in years…just turns in numbers at the end of the day


And nobody is home.:eek:

The kid has the right idea.:slight_smile:

From the picture it Look like the kinda place where if a banjo out of the sky, anybody who caught it would be able to play it. :smiley:

Well, what’s wrong with the picture anyway?
The Ice Bin is unplugged! Right?

I’d have gotten and looked around just to see how bad everything else was. I guess just morbid curiosity.

That’s awesome!!! Thanks

The ice machine needed to be located near the panel to keep the panel cool as the ice machine overloaded the panel. Just reach in the box and put a bag on top of the panel. ??