Didnt make much money but i feel good

I didnt make much money but I feel good about my day. I helped an inspector out today. Did his Termite because he is not licenced. Asked him if he checked the sub panel in the garage{ we were standing in the garage at the time} he said He didnt but he didnt think he was going to open the one in the garage. I asked him how he would know if it was wired as a subpanel or not? I pointed out the missing plugs for the braker spaces. He decided he would open it if i went over it with him. I let him speak first. Nothing. I pointed out 3 TRIPLE taps. I was in the attic doing the termite and he came up and said he didnt think he could get into the main panel because a water softener was in the way. I pointed out that he could note that and walk away but with what we found in the garage i sure would want to try! I went to the box to see the space and told him that the box had missing blanks and no door and an obstruction so he could leave it at that or open it. I ended up finding 4 issues inside the box for him. As he screwed it back together I noticed no piping on the tprv on the water heater and a leaking valve at the well. I worded my question to see if he knew what a tprv was. No clue. thought i was talking about the dielectric fittings which were not familiar with because THEY WERE NOT DIELECRIC FITTINGS IT WAS PVC FITTINGS AND PIPE:roll: SO>>i feel pretty good about my compitition from that 2 man company.
Lost the next job which was a radon termite and home inspection. Young couple halfway thru a 112 year old house were overwhelmed. I told them that after 25 years as a carpenter I also was overwhelmed just thinking about the work it needed! I offered to unplug the radon machine and let them off the hook for 2 bills. They were so happy and promised i will be their inspector until they find the right place. I feel like I am at the right place at the right time. now…the phone will be dead til january. Time to plant business cards! See What Grows!

To each his own.

Unless you are independently wealthy or do not have money worries then you should not let folks off. You should always get paid for what you do.

When I was well off and did not have money worries I did as you did often and with a great many things.

Now I am not well off and have constant money worries.

The moral of my story is get paid for what you do. You earned it and SOME day you may need it.

I would be in a lot better shape if I had every dollar I gave away because I was such a nice guy.

I am sure to catch hell for this but what goes around does not always seem to come around. I also tried to keep 100 + folks working when I should have folded and banked the cash.

Guess how many people are remembering the guy I was. NONE. Sad but true.

I am no longer the guy I was and enjoyed being but is because I cannot afford to be.

Those who say money does not matter either have all they need or never had any :frowning:

Sorry to be a bummer.

Sort of like serving in a soup kitchen. I get it.

Many wise men say worry about helping and making your self indispensable.
Karma is big in life.

The more I care about others the better my luck.

Sounds easier than it is.

I think the knowedge of what one of my main competitors has to offer is priceless but I also made the termite fee. I made 200 in an hour and a half and the young couple will be back. I know what you mean about the money but IMHO I did everyone right, even myself.

I cannot begin to tell you how many turkeys I have given out to employees for thanksgiving :slight_smile: Maybe 1/2 really appreciated it. I would say the percentage was about 95% of my foreign work force appreciated it to about 5% if that Americans who figured it was their god given right…:frowning:

Then you did good :smiley:

I lived by it and it did not work for me so far.

You will find no one I know have worked for or worked for me that will say different.

I guess sometimes you just have a run of bad luck. I am sure experiencing my run.

How long has this “inspector” been in business? Imagine what he’s missed at previous inspections. :shock:

This inspector Has made a deal to work with and buy a business that has been around 12 years. he has trained for the past year. They get a ton of business because of the original owner. Original owner is leaving the work force in 2014 some time. I repect the original owner but im circling like a shark LOL

They came back today. Inspecting a different property for them in the morning.

Guess then you did right. It is nice to realize it when you did the right thing huh :slight_smile:

Most of the time you never get the acknowledgement.