Didn't notice this during the inspection

I am embarrassed to say that I did not notice this during the inspection. I am going over the photos now and just noticed it. There were quite a number of problems with the panel and I had recommended that it be evaluated by an electrician but I think I still can’t believe I missed it.

Double tapped neutrals; improperly marked conductor (red).

or the stick

Yeah sorry. I caught the double tapped neutrals but I did not even notice the red wire during the inspection…

Thirty lashes and over the side with you!:shock::smiley:

HAHA damn I feel kinda bad but not that bad. I think there were so many issues with it that I just gave up looking.

Man up Marine Chit happens:p won’t be the last time it happens that is why we take good pics

That is why I like to do the reports in my office! If ever there is a bad call it is because the picture came out blurry. It does happen from time to time and many times I have saved my bacon by putting it on my TV USB port. Works great for the attics, electrical panels and crawlspace.

… and write the report back in the office, not on-site! :wink:

I am sure I will get the goobers squealing over this one, but here goes.
Frankly if the panel has any age to it or it was allowed, I really dont care about the double neutrals. Thats just as bad as telling someone they should add a ground wire since the wiring installed doesnt have one originaly.

My advice would be if the panel was already full of other issues, summarizing is easiest. I typically note all the majors and advise
“all noted repairs corrected as well as any others they advise.”
Some panels are so packed full of wires its not possible to find every little thing. Dont beat yourself up too bad. You found problems, lets hope the electrician catches it after you.

Your going to miss stuff, a lot of stuff. I cant tell you the times I have gone back to a home and found small stuff that was overlooked prior.

When your inspecting some homes, its just not possible to get it all.

Now if all the plugs in the home tested wrong, then shame on you.

Yep everyone will miss something for sure.
BTW Sean did you ever find that pair of under you misplaced lolol
All kidding a side if you feel you have caught ever thing is the day you made a mistake. Just do the best you can is all you can do

This goes in all my reports, emphasis added. I’m not responsible for identifying every single defect associated with a panel (although I try to) nor do I have to point out every shingle that is cracked or damaged.

"If any building component has two or more defects we strongly recommend that the entire system in question be further evaluated and repaired by the appropriate licensed contractor before the close of escrow or contingency period. Photos, where included, are to be considered examples of defects and do not necessarily identify every instance of a defect to that component (illustrating two holes in siding, for example, does not mean that only two holes exist)."


I like that, I guess that’s why your a CMI one day I’ll get there…:wink:

What is a CMI? Remember what Nick says CMI means nothing so you should advertise as CERTIFIED MASTER INSPECTOR only when you get there Joseph.
BTW Joe your picture looks nothing like your Avatar on InterNachi.:mrgreen:

Hi Sean,

Correct me if I am wrong but double neutrals is not that big of deal unless you notice a shared neutral that belongs to a multiwire circuit.



Wrong shared neutrals are not a good thing and can cause many difficulties .
Example many think they have shut of the power and try to disconnect the neutral and the other circuit is still alive .
This can kill you .

Example two neutrals under one screw and someone thinks they can fix this and they loosen the screw this can cause excessive voltage to one circuit and burn out some very expensive equipment.