Differant Panel Brands OK?

Hello to all,

I am a new inspector, and I understand it is incorrect when you have 2 differant brand name electrical panels on the same house. But, what if you have 2 differant brand name panels if it is an adjoining building (i.e. a barn, or a shed)? Are differant brands “compatible” then?


I’m not sure I understand your comment. Are you referring to component parts such as breakers by different mfgs. being used and not listed for use in a specific mfgs. panel?

Far as I know there is nothing wrong with different brands of panels even in the same house let alone an outbuilding. The only thing I know of is, installing different brand breakers than the panel brand itself…things like that.

I’ve never known different brands to be a problelm. Like Darrell said, its what you put in them that can be a problem.


I guess I had figured wrong. I understood different panel brands in the same dwelling to be incorrect. Sounds like I was wrong in my thinking. Your feedback, as always, is appreciated.

Sounds like a simple mistake from the basis, different manufacture components in the same panel is generally wrong.



Sorry I missed this one. It really does not matter in regards to the panels today as what you are dealing with is connections of “ungrounded”, “grounded” and “grounding” conductors and their proper termination.

All panels built today will configure to these conductors and be fine.