Difference of opinion

I just took a call from an electrician that wanted to know why I wasted his time and the customers money to have a licensed electrician come out for the non-issues that I had in my inspection report. He also stated that he does not like home inspectors that think they know everything and are just out to scare homeowner. I suggested that he write a letter to the agent stating that he disagrees with my findings and make sure that he signs it. At the end of the conversation I told him that my SOP and insurance is different from his since I am not an expert on electricity. He incoherently mumbled something and hung up.

These are a few of the recommendations and pictues that I suggested having done by a licensed electrician:

  1. Recommend upgrading receptacles in kitchen, bathrooms, garage, and exterior to GFCI.
  2. Recommend upgrading the un-grounded receptacles.
  3. Recommend labeling electrical panel.
  4. Further inspect the deteriorating insulation on the old knob and tube wiring.

He’s not smart enough to recognize the work you sent his way. Some guys just like the orgasm they get from throwing the inspector under the bus and getting to play the “expert” even though they are nimrods. I’m always amazed at the casual attitude some professionals have toward their own standards.

I find that the seller of the home is calling the same “expert” who he paid to do the work that I am calling out.

Of course, the “expert” looks like an idiot and tries to justify himself.

Your response was good … simply insist that he state his case in writing on his own letterhead to dispute your report and make it a matter for record to be referred to by the Fire Marshall who will be performing the investigation within the next couple of years.

Had the exact situation on a home last year. I wrote up all kinds of electrical / major issues on an old home and they hired the same nitwit who did the installation or “upgrades” to come fix the problems he created. He of course “dog cussed” me the untrained inspector until he found out I have been trained and certified in electrical by the State. Then he begrudgingly comes out and makes the corrections. I had to tell the Realtor he should not hire the same twit twice for poor performance. He still does not get it. The sparkie did a half assed job and he knew it. I am not even sure he is licensed as one of the favorite things here is to hire a jack legged handyman to do just about everything because they are cheap. I wish I had a dollar for every time I have overheard an agent say to the client, “I will call my guy for this. He is way cheaper than the big outfits.”

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Thanks for making my afternoon!