Different Type of Furnace Venting

Did an inspection and came across this furnace with a different type of venting that I have not seen before. Usually a high effeciency furnace would have the fresh air intake all the way from the outside but this one was just at the furnace. Has anyone seen this before?

Fuel-burning appliance is allowed to take combustion air from indoor as long as it’s not drawing it from a “confined” space. Does not matter if it’s 90%+ Refer to the installation manual for more information.

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I see this all the time. Did you read through the manufacturers installation manual. Your answer will be in the manual.


Thanks Guys. Appreciate the feedback.
No, I did not read the installation manual.

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As stated above, the manufacturer will have combustion air requirements. As long as there’s enough “fresh” air to the room where the furnace is, then it’s fine.

Thanks Michael,

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It is okay, Max. :smile: