Different Window

Somebody else may have seen these, BUT they’re new to me. NEVER seen one.


Whats under the sill? Drain holes? Maybe its installed wrong (upside down?)

Multi-section window assembly (replaces older one piece picture windows). I see many that are 3-4-5 sections wide. Sometimes the two (side) windows are openable, thus the different offsets, to allow for opening. Another possibility is that one (damaged) section needed replacing, and an exact match wasn’t available to replace it with.

This is a common problem I see with sectional type window assemblies… these installers have no clue!..

You just mount your window planter under that sill, and the water drains through those drain holes in it and waters your plants! :stuck_out_tongue:

They must be manufactured in West Virginia. :mrgreen:

Trickle vents…

That’s what I said, (only with a picture)! :twisted:

So! The dudes are Trickling out the windows …

What did you think… It was a ‘Glory Hole’? :shock:


Roy, those vents you posted are to be installed at the top of the window for air ventilation.

But that is what they are.
Different man require different installation.
I’d never use one.
Thanks !

nope. We’d just use beer cans, or these ones that retain water! :|.)