Digital Assets vs. Tangible Money

Our beloved duo, Dumb and Dumber, are planning on creating a moneyless society where all your wages and compensation exists only in the ones and zeroes of a binary world. Many of you might consider this a thoroughly plausible idea. After all you say, “I pay all my bills online.”

Now consider the degree to which the digital world is corrupted by hackers and data loss. In addition consider the incompetence of Government digital anything. Stupid idea. Bit Coin disaster times billions (of your money).


Not to mention “social credit score”, some states are already stopping this before it gets started. Hopefully more follow suit soon.


Biden and Associates will be able to redistribute other peoples money at will.


It may seem like a party line issue…but it is really not. They are all the same “party”.


There seems to be some subtle differences but it needs closer scrutiny. The devil is in the details.

I can tell you from personal experience online banking is convenient for the banks and chargers, but fraught with problems for the payee under some circumstances. Never use auto pay and insist on paper billing. When your children assume power of attorney it will be much easier to pay your bills.


Now that was funny!! :rofl: :rofl:

The biggest problem with this the Gubberment will have complete control over your money. They can easily get to it but it is harder to get at the paper you carry around.


It goes alot deeper than that. They will have complete control of your finances. They can literally turn your spending on and off at will. Spent too much at the liquor store this week? Well, too bad. Didnt pay your taxes? Thanks for the instant payment.
Sorry, cant pay the neighbor kid $20 for cutting the grass…

Rev 13:16
And he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, both free and slave, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their forehead, so that no man can buy or sell, unless he has the mark.

There are hundreds of prophecies in the Bible that are all making much more sense now, that nobody would have even dreamed of just a couple decades ago, Let alone 2000 years ago when these were written.

Revelation talks about a one-world currency (digital), nuclear weapons, a major world war with Iran and Russia attacking Israel, and a million man army… (china hit a million men years ago)
It also talks about the influx and increasingly worsening of natural disasters near the end times. (it will be blamed on global warming, but the Bible said it would happen)


Is it a friggin’ full moon again so soon? :thinking:

They want full central planning and control.


You’ll go to the grocery store and you won’t be able to buy meat because you already bought too much this month.

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Hillary will keep hers in a server in her basement!

Of course they will always allow you to buy copious amounts of drugs and alcohol to keep the masses numb and dumb!


Meat causes global warming, doncha’ know!

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Show me just one of the nearly 2000 prophecies in the Bible that were wrong.
Or, explain how revelation was written 2000 years ago, but relates more to our current events and our current technologies than it ever could have in the past? (Nuclear weapons, digital currency, the internet (yes, it talks about news reaching around the world instantly!) a massive increase in knowledge, or, technology…

Or how Jesus fulfilled over 300 prophecies from the old testament himself?

And I’m not talking about vague, Nostradamus prophecies that can be interpreted any number of ways, but very direct, very specific prophecies. Ones that stated what city Christ would be born in, how he would be born, how he would die, that he would be pierced with a spear, that no bones would be broken…(even though the Roman’s were masters of torture and killing) as the final death blow of men on the cross, the Roman’s would break the victim’s legs so they could no longer push themselves up, to take a needed breath.
With Christ, He died before they did this, which is why He was pierced in the side, to make sure he was dead.
Prophecies that Jesus would be rejected by his own people, that he would die with the wicked (2 thieves on the cross) , AND that He would rise again 3 days later.

Ever wonder why our whole dating system is centered on Christ?

Prophecies that the nation of Israel would be scattered, and someday jews would regather from all around the world and have their own nation again. (Happened in 1948). - and also prophecied in the old testament that this nation would someday also be attacked by the surrounding nations(russia, iran, libya)

Prophecies about Alexander the great, the Roman empire, the destruction of the Jewish temple after Christ’s death…

I could go on and on. This is not some type of crazy, full moon, conspiracy…
God used prophecy in the Bible to prove its supernatural inspiration and accuracy.
Really amazing



Well, I tried…

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Face it… You’re a bad salesman. The only reason anyone believes any of this stuff written down some 2,000 years ago is under the threat of violence… It’s a bitch making people believe mumbo-jumbo nonsense unless you’re willing to shed a little blood, amirite? :skull_and_crossbones:

No, you’re just lost, and someday, when it’s too late, you will realize it.

Yeah, that’s why I believe the Bible, because I am under threat of violence…
Along with the other millions of Americans that can worship freely.
I believe it because nothing is more powerful in changing a man’s life and eternity than the blood of Christ. I believe it because of the relationship I have with Him.

But, I do agree with you, that Christianity is strongest in cultures where they are under threat of persecution or death. That’s because they know the truth, and are willing to die for it.
What are you willing to die for joe?

11 of the disciples died horrible deaths for what they believed. They saw firsthand God in flesh, saw him rise from the dead, and were tortured, stoned, burned and crucified for their belief. You really think they would have all died for a lie?
6 men couldn’t even keep the Watergate scandal a secret, but the disciples, and the 500 that saw Christ ascend to heaven could keep a lie, even to the death?
The new testament wasn’t written to produce a resurrection, it was written BECAUSE of the resurrection.

Believe what you want, I was merely pointing out one simple way to prove the Bible is inspired. Are you not the least bit intrigued or curious how the Bible predicted our current events? In a world of swords and arrows, how did John know we would have internet, one world governments, one world currencies, nuclear weapons, Airplanes, etc?

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That’s why he is one of the first entries on my ignore list. No sense in listening to fools.

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Not a damned thing… The concept of something worth dying for would mean the universe has meaning, which of course is an absurdity wrapped in a mystery of doubt and speculation. Pick up your cross and get the fuck off my lawn. :grin: