digital camera recommendation

I need to buy a new digital camera for my inspections. I want one that has wide angle or landscape ability. Sometimes you just can’t back up far enough to get it all in. Any suggestions?

The alternative is that most modern digital cameras have a built in “stitch” capability for panoramic shots.

I’ve had nothing but good experiences with Canon anything.

I’ve got canon SD200, SD600 and an SD1000. Very durable, easy to use and small. The software is ofcourse better as you graduate from the 200 to 1000 series.

SD1000 was on sale at Fry’s for $247.00…

I have the canon sd200 and sd400, and the sd450…they are all great camera’s…

well worth the money…Just my $ .02

Thanks, Rick
Home-Check of Georgia

Ditto, been using my S200 on-site for about 5 years now and never missed a beat, was looking for a replcement/backup today and I still like the new Canon range (heavier metal cases than the cheaper stuff!!)



Will H. knows his cameras. :smiley: Friend at Best Buy touts the Canon SD1000 as one of the best.

Nikon L11


How do you guys deal with crawl spaces? Every camera I have ever had eventually gets dirt or dust in in from crawling around, no matter how careful I try to be. I’ve been thinking of getting a cheapie just for crawls.

All slab on grade here Joe, I break my cameras long before they get dirty.

:shock: I do at least 2 crawls a month (1920-1955’s).

I still use my cannon, I just keep it in the bag till needed then put it back. I have a clip on the back of my coveralls just for my camera.:smiley:
I am much more woried about Black Widows and Bark** Scorpions** than I am about farking up my camera.:shock::wink:

Quit bragging, Brian. :slight_smile:

Two??? About half of mine are crawls. I need to move to AZ. :cool:

I keep my camera in my pants pocket under my coveralls, but with all the dry dirt in crawls, there will inevitably be a little dust getting into the lens or the camera body, and all it takes is a little dirt to fudge up the thing. That’s why I buy the $69 refurbished Kodaks. They take decent pictures, and with all the cameras I go through if I went with a $200 Canon I’d go broke! :stuck_out_tongue:

Panasonic LZ4

What the hey is a bark scorpion??
Are they so big there they mate with dogs? :mrgreen:

My posts for Build A house are all done with my 2001 NIKON COOLPIX
My next may be a Panosonic model I heard about that allows voice capability on your snapshots.Sells at about $200.00 and $300.00 less than what I paid for old faithful.

Love my Kodak Z740.

It’s got a 10X optical zoom. Great for shooting chimney flashing details from the ground. Camera’s got better eyesight than I do.

It’s also got a nice dock. Push a button, the camera downloads to your computer. Sweet.

CANON Powershot - easy to use with big hands, almost indestructible. Batteries will last for 300 pictures or more if you don’t use the display window. Has telephoto and wide angle lenses available. Easily fits in pocket when crawling under houses.

Actually they are one of the smallest scorpions.


and be afraid.:stuck_out_tongue: