digital camera recommendation

Small ones have the nastiest sting. Unless of course you happen to stumble across one about the size of a lobster in the African desert. :ouch:

I just got a Nikon Coolpix, carefully did one crawl space and it’s already giving me fits. I’ll look into Canon.

Depending on the model you may not do much better with the Canon.

I have a Canon S2 and it’s great but susceptible to dust or dirt getting into the motorized lens assembly. It has jammed twice and was repaired by me but it was time consuming. I now carry a smaller camera and use the S2 only for long shots and cleaner areas.

Consider buying a dust and water proof camera for the more difficult crawl spaces.

Alternately, keep couple of inexpensive camera with you so you always have a spare.

Good luck.

And consider an extended warranty. :smiley:

I use a water proof camera (Pentax). Dust, rain and grit does not affect it unless you do it on purpose. You can even run it under the hose bibb to get crap off it from the crawl. It also has internal zoom feature for landscape, macro, etc. Keeps goo out of the works. Going on 4 years with the first one. I carry two and have a third still in the box in reserve. Warranty is a good idea too.

KODAK. Last one took over 45,000 pictures. The little window over the flash got so yellowed from the flash UV that it wasn’t bright enough for indoor pictures anymore. The guts still worked when it got ‘retired’ to the landfill.

Eric … bet you’re glad you asked this question, this could go on and on … my 2 ¢ worth … almost any digital camera will work … my last camera was 89 bucks, I’ve had it now for 2 years … I just keep thinking, when am I going to drop this one :mrgreen:

I used to use Nikon, but they started making the on/off button too tiny. I’ve switched to Panasonic TZ series which has wide and and 10x zoom with great motion control. Takes excellent shots and is quick to power up/down. I’ve got about 20,000 pics on my current TZ3 and it’s still going strong. The metal body really comes in handy when I drop it. The Panasonic doesn’t do macro photos as well as the Nikons do, but it’s still very good.

I’ve killed several cameras in crawl spaces. i’m thinking about getting one of the units with the folding lens elements used and dedicate it for crawlspace work.

I just picked up a Kodak Z1285. Under 200, takes great photos and if I drop or break, cheap enough to replace. Last Kodak I had lasted me 5 years.

Crawl space dust can be a big problem. Underwater type point and shoot style is sealed and keeps all the dust out.

Olympus Stylus 1030SW Rough, rugged, water proof - goes well with my ToughBook CF-19

Olympus Stylus here too. Compact, weather resistant & affordable.
Maybe next time I’ll look into the one Jeff has. I like the shock-resistance feature.

One handed operation should be a thought for any inspector, particularly those that have regular crawlspace work.

Olympus’ Stylus range used to have a slide cover (protects the lens from dirt) that also functioned as the power switch. This allowed one-handed, pluck (from the tool belt), slide cover, aim, shoot, slide cover, and store.

A quick look at Oly (link to old model) doesn’t show this design in the current lineup. The Fuji Z30 has this feature, is under $175 and choosing a bright color would make it easy to find if you set it down, not back in your tool belt.

There are probably other makes/models available as well.

Actually the new ones, (Olympus Stylus) or at least the one I bought last year, Stylus 760, has a retractable lens that has a lens “cover” that closes when the camera is not in use. I like it better than the slider. It’s still a one handed operation only easier, the power button/switch is right next to the picture button/switch.