Digital Camera Recycle Time

I had an older Nikon (3200?) that had a nice recharge battery & great recycle time. Lost it.
Bought Nikon 4600. Recycle time (flash shots) sucks. Best I can get is 13 to 15 seconds between flash shots. Without need for flash recycle time between shots is almost instant.
Anyone with a digital camera with good recycle time?


Kodak easyshare C433. This is a very economical and practical camera for an Inspector. Practically no recycle time between shots and it only uses 2 AA bateries which seem to last longer than my old digital which ran on 4 AA’s and about 12 to 15 seconds of recycle time.

Rechargeable batteries are a money saver too.

I have rechargeables that sit in my draw. They never seem to last long enough on a charge and I can get a pack of 48 AA’s for $9 at costco and its a write-off.

I have an Olympus SP 350 8.0MP and usually get 60 pics, 15 of which are flash per set of 2 batteries.

Some one posted about the 433 I bought one liked it so much bought another $99:00 and seems to take hundreds of pictures on a set of batteries.
Break it and you are not too upset

Roy Cooke I think it is about two seconds any way its faster then Me you do have to tell it to save the picture but this can happen when you take the next picturs .

Yes, the camera is perfect for an Inspector. Like you said tons and tons of pics off of two batteries. And you can’t beat the price.

For those interested,

I have been using the family camera, Minolta S414. More than really needed for inspections, but had it handy.

It was always a battery hog. When I began inspecting, I couldn’t do a house on 2 charged sets of batteries. Very frustrating. Began looking for a new camera, found info on batteries.

I purchased eight 2700mah batteries and a Maha charger (all for $49) and now I can do 1.5 to 2 houses on one set of batteries. woohoo.

I’m going to drive the wheels off of this thing now and then go buy one of those kodaks y’all mentioned.


Do not wait it has been discontinued and still a few around .

Roy Cooke

I have 2 of the C433 no complaints here.

This from active rain on the The Kodak EasyShare v705](

do you have one of these? looks nice.
i’m still wondering about time between flash shots.

My primary is a Kodak Easyshare 650. Recycle time between shots with flash is 5 - 6 seconds with Li-ion batts.

It uses 2 AA’s, and I can get two inspections done, with an average of 100 pics per inspection, on a set of batteries.

10x optical zoom is nice, too.

The camera’s a little bulky for crawlspace work, so I take my alternate, a Nikon L4 Coolpix under the floor with me.

Love my Canon S2 with 10x optical. Like your z650 it is a bit bulky but has great zoom and macro functions. It has been replace by the S3 which has slightly highr resolution.
I also use a Kodak DX4530.

What brand is the 433?

Kodak Easyshare Roy Cooke


like someone else posted, they seem to be discontinued but you can find them in some stores. I just recieved the new Tiger Direct catalog and they have them in their. Their catalog price is $99 but their web price is $79 + S&H.

Oh, and if you get the 1Gig memory card ($14) you have the capacity to take 3,098 pics at the lowest setting which is 1mb (which is larger than 640x420)

Andrew, Your orginal question with regards to recycle time was never answered. I’m afraid I don’t have a answer either. I have been looking for sometime for a inexpensive camera with a low recycle time. My Mercury CyberPix S-450V is about 14 seconds. Which is about 9 seconds too much. I also want to see a quick focusing time. If you find a one with a good recycle time please let me know.

i’m going to try lithium batteries to see if that makes a difference