Digital Cameras

I have been useing a sony CD- Mavica for my home inspections, I love its picture quality and its ability to shoot in dark spaces (attics, crawlspaces) but since most crawl spaces here are dirt it takes alot of abuse. It quit on me recently so I grabed my wifes it didnt last long. What kind do ya’ll use and how durable are they. thanks for any input.

I use a little sony 5.0 megapix Cybershot…have a case that hooks on my belt and only pop it out when taking the pictures…and it is protected in the case…works great for me…and since I have my laptop their anyway…I upload them into the computer once I am done.

I also have a Mactiva with CD…I did use it for awhile but it was too bulky for me so I went with the stream line one listed above.

Thanks for the input, the case that is belt mounted sounds great beats having a wrist strap or a neck strap. I also download on site, but the disks were nice for storage. Once again thanks

I carry a Samsung Digimax 5 meg…fits in a small holster and has Infra red for autofocusing in those dark crawl spaces and attics, a Costco Special around $179