Digital Rafter experience

Anyone have encounters with digital rafter? whats the feedback?

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I have been with Digital Rafter for the last few months. They have redone my website, and created ads for Google and Facebook. The truth is I was pretty proud of my original website, but I found that my issue was converting customers. They explained while my website looked good, it wasn’t optimized to increase traffic or conversions. So after a number of edits we got it pretty close to what I needed. We just went live a week ago and Google ads started yesterday, so we will see how the traffic changes…Here’s the big plus though…They survive on results, so it is in their best interest to ensure success. So I no longer have to stress over the google ads, or SEO. They make the adjustments needed so I can focus on the business. Like anything in this business, its not a single shot fix. You have to attack it on multiple levels, but so far they seem to be doing a good job and at decent rates. Just keep in mind it will take time to complete and compete. As long as you aren’t looking for a quick fix, but an adapted business model that you can commit 6 months too, I would recommend them.

I have been working with them for over a month now and find them very responsive to my input and concerns! Any changes that I have wanted they incorporated in a timely fashion and they have given me plenty of ideas on what has worked with other inspection companies! Looking forward to seeing some more activity on my on line presence!! I find it refreshing to be working with a company that is concerned with my success! If you are struggling with your online presence I recommend talking with them…

I did business with Digital Rafter. They were very prompt and delivered a great website with good SEO. I would recommend them to anyone.


I am a new interNACHI member. Naturally, when I got a call about Digital Rafter, I was intrigued. It seems there are some mixed reviews here.

Can anybody else provide pros or cons for their services?

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I have not used Digital Rafter…sorry.

I signed up with them a couple months ago from a cold call, and their first attempt at Web design was a hack job cut and paste from my existing website. I’ve really lost confidence that they are going to be able to pull off a 360 marketing and SEO.

There are a few Internachi Members here that posted that they started using Digital Rafter over a year ago and were happy with the web site and service. My question is: Has your ranking on organic google searches improved? How much? Does it show up on the first page now?