Digital Signature

Anyone know how to set up a Pre-Inspection Agreement to accept a digital signature on a tablet PC?


Good question, I’d like to hear any answers also. And it’s probably simple too!!! Dang:D

Oh boys, you’re gonna kick yourselves :wink:

In a word document click:

  1. Insert
  2. Picture
  3. Inkdrawing and writing
  4. Size the box to what you need
  5. Select pen from selection tool
  6. Sign Box as required
  7. Save as (suggest client name)
  8. Fini



Go to the administration section of the Home Guide, click the insert digital signature button and it will automatically be copied on every PIA from there on.!!

Make sure you signature is correctly sized also.

To change the actual PIA, just insert yours into the box and click save.