Digital Stationery

I know that you can purchase this item, but I was wanting to make it myself. Does anybody know how to make your own digital stationery? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Just by the one the does not require it.

What do you mean by digital stationary?

I made my own word document/template that I use for letters, and another for fax cover pages.

I think e-mail backgrounds make your e-mail look like spam so I don’t use it (haven’t worked on making it.)

I, for one, am not following you Bob…

Nor I Larry.:shock:

He is talking about the digital pens for note taking.
You hook them up to your computer and download.

Some of them require special paper, so I am guessing he saw it at Best Buy.

It is a series of dots, the optical scanner on the pen uses to record your directional movement.

Not to be confused with E paper that you guys will be using in less than five years,and is a fold up screen.

Are you sure he wasn’t asking about this?

You forgot the smiley.

I think most know how to type text on graphic images.

As usual Bob, you make no sense what-so-ever.

I thought it was me :margarit:

That’s what I was thinking…

Are you turning into a OBoBa hater? (stalker)?

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Here is a link just for you,since you have no idea what a digital Pen is.

I refrained as long as I could from commenting, but the other members comments prompted me to. Thought maybe it was just me, as many times I am the only one to say anything. Sometimes I can only take so much!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

No where did William state a “digital pen”. He said “digital stationary”. Did you talk to him off the MB? There ya go… assuming again. You could be right, but I will wait for the question to be clearified by William. :twisted:

PS… “OBoba hater”… that’s funny!!!:D:D

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His comment that he was wanting to make it himself would lead most of us to believe that he was taking about the other variety (i.e., virtual stationery), that is, unless he has his own pulp mill.

Now we need to know if he is talking about email stationery, word processing letterhead, digital business cards, or what???