dimensional/tongue and groove

Does this always rate a c on wind mit…

Thanx in advance…


no it does not.

So what stars have to line up in order to get c with dimensional /tongue and groove.

72 home…hip roof…toenailed no shiners…97 reroof

thanx again

2 nails per board…I believe that is regardless of size nails…

my bad I just checked on what I posted and deleted it.

I think the nail is assumed. Don’t go crazy trying to look for one. If you see it take a picture. But do make sure you verify 2 nails per board

Jay, Preston

citizens took away the credit because Drumroll please… I didn’t send in the pic verifying 2 nails. Just thought it was assumed. A little test that backfired…

Won’t happen again!!!

Thanx again

Just in case…Mr. Meeker…me thinks you need a wind mit course…

Spend the dough… Jacksonville is great this time of year.

Two nails per board on dimensional lumber or T&G gets “C”.(period)

Now if the nails are driven on an angle and goes through both boards(T&G) do you count it for each board?
Every board would have two nails???http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/smiley-think004.gif

Amennnnn “C”…

Ouch! I’ve got a few hundred of those floating around. Thanks for the heads up!:roll:



The best part is that the MT-6 is not even accurate enough to detect 2 nails per board. I have installed TIG with 2 nails per board, (on more than one occasion), and then tested with the MT-6… Sometimes it will beeb twice, and sometimes it will beeb once. Its total nonsense, just like strap nailing and flat roofs.

Not so fast Tom, I have found a couple of roofs with 1x8 stapled down. You still have to look for shiners.

Insurance companies dont seem to care about shiners on dimensional lumber. Sometimes can be really hard to find a shiner there. Originally when nailed they had a perfect view of the rafter.

John, that sounds like 2 nails to me. Im sure the MT scanner will pick it up as 2 nails

1x8 tongue and groove or just 1x8 dimensional. I have never seen t&g stapled, only ever nailed.

It was one roof with 1x8 nominal planking and another 1x12 planked sheathing. Both were early 80’s vintage, 2" med crown staples. First for me too. However, I do see a lot of T&G on the open soffit overhangs that are stapled too…the rest is plywood in the attic areas (stapled).