I thought all dinosaurs are dead long time ago. Apparently this relic is still alive and well.

Octopus1 (Small).jpg

Octopus1 (Small).jpg

Octopus (Small).jpg

What do you mean dinosaurs, it’s gas fired…

Possible asbestos in those supply ducts!

Very possibly. I Have only ever laid eyes on one like it.

It is gas, but no blower. Distribution by convection only.

Wow, that is the newest looking Octopus system I’ve ever seen, usually they look like they were built out of old battleships and entombed in Asbestos



I inspected one last week that had a 1941 convection gas furnace. Worked fine, but yes it was very old…

With todays energy rebates going on why would anyone continue to use that?

The only Octopus I ever saw was a drawing to pass the NHIE, very cool…

I guess this what my client is going to do: replace the dinosaur with modern “Trane” and get some money back.