Direct TV quit working during inspection

During an inspection the seller said their direct tv quit working.

The receiver box had power ok, two tv’s connected, both indicated no satellite signal. Tried resets etc.

Reset gfci on front porch and it came back on.

The satellite “switch” was in the crawlspace, don’t remember seeing a power cord running to it, just coax cables. No power cord at the exterior dish equipment.

Question is, why does direct tv need 2 120V power sources and where did the 2nd one connect to?

Only takes a single 120V power source for the receiver. Sometimes when it is interrupted, the reset on the receiver does not function. You either have to call customer service to resend authorization or you can do it through the internet if they have their account registered.

I forgot to mention, the switch box in the crawlspace was making loud clicking sounds. After resetting the gfci the clicking stopped and the satellite reception came back without any other resetting.

Some of those multi splitters need power. They have a wall-wart type transformer plugs in, and they make up a piece of co-ax to carry the 12 volts from the wall wart to the multi splitter. I wish I could find a picture of the wall-wart transformer, but here’s a picture of a broadband splitter amp that shows what looks like a regular co-ax port where the power goes “in”. The wall wart transformer has a similar fitting for its output, and you make up a piece of coax to go in-between.

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Thanks Marc!

You always come through with the “real story” !