Direct vent question

I had a direct vent today on a 50 gal State Water heater that I have question on. The vent itself makes more of a loop going up then down and through the wall. The pipe loops up about a foot or so before turning down and exiting out. Will this configuration draft properly? The owners manual was there and I looked through it and it gave clearances and a diagram. It did not specifically caution against doing a loop rather than an elbow. Doing some more research online, most install directions show right angle configurations. I did not see any signs of condensate or corrosion. It was installed in 07.
Any qualified expertise appreciated.
Direct vent.jpg

Direct vent 1.jpg

Carson Dunlop says no.

Not only is that loop wrong, but I’m pretty sure that isn’t a flexible b-vent.Did you check?

How it should be

I’m with Jaun on this one!!

As far as I know a ‘direct vent’ always means that draft is provided by a fan. So this is not a direct vent. And it is totally wrong because of the loop, (no dips allowed) it doesn’t matter if it is B vent or not, that thing could kill somebody.