Direct Vent Water Heater

I ran across this new construction direct vent water heater in a 7’ high crawl space and the installation is bothering me because the drain pan is setting on a dirt “floor”. I have researched today and cannot find a specific source of information stating it CANNOT be on a dirt floor in a crawl space?? What if a water pipe breaks and washes out the dirt underneath it? What about the pipes not being insulated?

Please share with me your wisdom before I complete the report!!




Mellissa is there some sort of surface drain in the area. The TPR itself could fill the crawl. Also needs TPR drain piping, but to where I don’t know.

You are right the TPR does not have a drain pipe and the contractor has not come and hooked up the gas either. There is no drain in the crawl space just a dirt floor with a plastic vapor barrier.

Thanks for your response