Disadvantages of Solar Energy: Please proof this new inspection article.

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Under the Cost Bullet you used the words getting cheaper. Isn’t there a better way to phrase that?

How about becoming more cost effective?



Not sure this article is any more that a political piece as a first impression ,from the title.

I suggest it be changed to reflect less negatively.

While I agree with the content, I submit that it would be more effective (and less negative sounding) if the article offered the pro’s and con’s of solar power. I agree that the pro’s are analogous to those buying the first version of MS-DOS, but there is a current market out there which is predicted to grow as technology becomes more affordable / effective. Title could be ‘Shedding Light on Solar Energy’.

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Ya, it sounds as if NACHI is against solar energy. I thought NACHI encourage it because of the new inspection possibilities opening up.

‘Shedding Light on Solar Energy’.

i like that !


I have inspected four homes lately that have geo-thermal heating and solar panels; all where disconnected. All of the geo-thermal underground piping where cracked due to soil movement, and not useable. Solar panels were completely limed up, pumps were burnt out, and no longer in service. Some of the panels were damaged beyond repair due to hail damage. Now, the cost of replacement/removal is in the thousands for each of these homes. Installation of new HVAC systems and hot water heaters were very high in costs due to the use of the new R-410A refriderant and the costs of ducting and copper.

Retrofitting older homes with new energy efficent solar and geo-thermal may not be advisable. Newer technologies are coming, but retro-fit will be expensive, and spending money on these new items may not add to the cost of the home’s value. It may actually cost more to maintain long term.

It may depend upon the area of the U.S. the home is located.

Not at all. Nick and I both think that solar energy is great. Did you read the intro, or just the title? I thought it was pretty clear.

Gary - interesting

Then the title is misleading.

That was my original comment Rob.

The article is about the disadvantages of solar, so that’s what it was titled. What would be a less misleading title?
I don’t think there’s anything negative about saying something has disadvantages. Especially if you believe something is great and could get even better, it’s useful to discuss it’s problems.

by the way, there will be an “advantages of solar” article as well

Seems like a disconnect between what you think about Solar and the negative title.

Just seems like an opinion about the technology,which is out of place with what is simply a technical piece.

Just my opinion.

Here are a few words from the first couple paragraphs…

The most significant complaints with solar energy are:
lack of consistency and reliability
following factors limit the availability of sunlight:
solar disadvantage.
habitually foggy
poor choice
helplessly immobile solar arrays.
The Earth itself is a rather large obstruction,
disturb the flow of photons
falls sharply

Darn, after reading the first few paragraphs ,i now hate Solar Power.

Are you sure you guys really like it?:slight_smile:

Seems a lot like and Op Ed piece or something from Faux News…Needs some more stats, and or foot notes to back up many of the claims made…IMO.

Biggest thing to worry about from my perspective would be placing the panels on an existing roof…When the roof leaks the roofer will blame the solar guys and the solar guys will blame the roofers…