Disaster Restoration Companies

In the past 3 months I have been approached by clients who had moisture penetration related repairs within the past 3 or 4 months. All 3 had in wall plumbing leaks, one had numerous back to back roof leaks (2 yr old home), and one had condensate line back up in the attic which soaked the insulation and caused the ceiling to collapse.

Their insurance companies - for cleanup and dry brought in big name - nationally recognized “Restoration” companies.
They all hung plastic sheeting, wore their moon suites, they all removed drywall with visible microbial growth, and recorded this in their report.
NONE of them did any air or surface sampling before or after. NONE of them turned the AC off or covered any diffusers.

All 3 clients are very ill now. I was called by the homeowner to air sample and surface sample. They all had high levels of common molds. One had STACHYBOTRYS not only at the infected site but also in 3 locations throughout the home, which turned up on the AOC sample.(that’s the first for me)

Is there any established protocol for these companies? Is it regulated by State of Florida?

Most of the restoration companies in my area are not certified to remove mold. The most of the ones that are certified are poorly trained. I have seen non certified mold restoration companies claim no responsibility because they are not trained in mold. They claimed that they was there just to dry it out. Not to remove the mold. Sad but true.
I heard mold legislation is coming in Florida but it may be several years.

New Florida Inspection /Mold Law July 2007
In a effort to protect the citizens of Florida, Florida Governor Crist signed Mold / Inspection legislation (SB2234) into law. The new law will regulate the Mold Inspection industry and Home Inspection businesses and individuals.
Individuals will need a license and businesses will need to be certified. The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation will handle the licensing and the company certifications.

[FONT=Times New Roman]468.83 Purpose.—The Legislature recognizes that there is a need to require
the licensing of home inspectors and to ensure that consumers of home
inspection services can rely on the competence of home inspectors, as determined
by educational and experience requirements and testing. Therefore,
the Legislature deems it necessary in the interest of the public welfare to
regulate home inspectors in this state.

[FONT=Times New Roman]468.84 Legislative purpose.—The Legislature finds it necessary in the
interest of the public safety and welfare, to prevent damage to the real and
personal property, to avert economic injury to the residents of this state, and
to regulate persons and companies that hold themselves out to the public as
qualified to perform mold-related services.

http://www.radonmoldhelp.com/id33.html copy of law

Doug Wall

I’ve heard the same here - specifically ServPro.

I’ve followed this company after a water line break in an office building, all they were there to do was remove the water. They completely forgot to mention to the client that because the carpet was soaked in several inches of water for a period of 3 days, that there might be a mold concern. The property management place began to get complaints from tenants about respiratory problems. They had it tested for mold and the numbers were through the roof.

ServPro charged them $18,000 to remove the water. I’m in the wrong business…

So for consumers, they need to be aware of the fact that most of these companies are only there to remove the standing water. They are not there to discover or remediate the mold.

I have even seen cases where restoration companies have actually created the mold because of their poor drying practices.

Legisltion concerning the inspection of an testing will do absolutly NOTHING to prevent what is occuring at this time.
If you are not forced to test the black fuzzy stuff - then you don’t know if its mold or not.
Hence you are not bound by the new laws.

And sence someone already posted the Serv -P word:
They actaully stated in their report that suspectd microbial growth was removed and treated and still no testing was performed, HVAC was never turned off and ducts were never protected.

Thank you all for your responses. - it looks like the folks in Florida will continue to get screwed even WITH the new Laws.
The laws are useless and have little or no value in the great scheme of things. Lets see - Harry’s Restoration is free to tear out moisturer damaged drywall and lumber with NO contractors liscense and charge $18,000 for his 1 or 2 days work. But the guy who takes the swab - rubs it on the black fuzzy stuff and sends it to the LAB who then evaluats the sample has to have a degree.
Makes perfect sence to me. Isn’t that backwards???
I think I’ll start some public information news letters in my area. TEST first - dry later. Then, test again.


As a IICRC Certified Restoration Co. I can tell you that the IICRC S520 for Professional Mold Remediation has a very clear protocol to follow. This includes pre & post testing by a independent third party, containment, removal procedures such as double bagging drywall while under negative pressure, Proper use of PPE, installation or air scrubbers while performing remediation, etc. IICRC is located in Vancouver Washington USA & certifies co’s around most of the world.Restoration Co’s such as the ones described in previous posts have opened them selfs up for a law suit.


always go for a trusted and certified company.