Disclosure to Seller

Recently did a home inspection for a home buyer in a rural area. Home vacant with lock box. Client Agent present. Client, home owner, home owner agent all absent from the inspection. Not an ideal situation. During the inspection I noted a small leak from a sharkbite valve below a toilet in the home.

The offer was withdrawn from the property for other reasons… am I liable if it has been leaking more or suddenly fails completely?

Should I contact the seller agent of the vacant home and advise them of the leak?

Thanks in advance!

Nathan Hayden
Home Inspectors Hawaii LLC
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I would contact the seller agent as a courtesy. But, he knows it is leaking is my bet. And, no you wouldn’t be liable, Nathan, IMHO.

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If there is something that should get immediate attention, I always let the seller or seller’s agent know. Just this week I informed a seller’s agent of a melted wire in a panel. I may not have been liable, but I would have felt pretty bad if something happened and I didn’t say anything.


Not your problem if you reported it. Your client got the report AND most likely his agent AND maybe the sell or his agent. After that its no longer your concern

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But if not included in A SUMMARY section, what makes you think either agent would read past the Summary

Surely a GOOD agent reads more than the SUMMARY … IF an inspector uses a Summary