Discolored bar

Is the discolored bar under the main breaker a problem? Is this from overheating?I did not see any other evidence of burning in the panel. this was in a townhouse, 150 amp breaker. Gas furnace, electric water heater and range. No AC Thanks for any help.

It would be fun to see that one in a thermal image I would suspect a loose lug or breaker going bad

I have to agree with a loose lug. I bet if you pull the meter and check it the lug wasn’t torqued to specs and also there’s no paste on the ungrounded conductor.

Thanks for the help guys

Yep i bet a bad breaker

David, even without IR camera, I make it a habit to hit the all different circuits in the panel with my IR thermometer. I have found defects this way.

Long before IR
I was taught to use the back of my fingers .
.Still did it this way till I retired .
To test how hot a motor was put your hand on it and count to ten .
Saw some motor’s where I had to count real fast knowing that soon it would need replacing ,hopeing it would last to the week end

Roy i understand what your saying .I was trained the same way. But probably not a good idea to do it to a main Breaker now days