Disconnect Box Type & Manufacturer

As always, hope this thread finds everyone safe well.
Never ran across a main heavy duty disconnect box or heard of the manufacture before.
Need help identifying Box Type & Manufacturer.

Old Vintage/Obsolete Commercial/Residential/Condominium Main Disconnect equipment.
How would I refer to this type of equipment. Heavy Duty Pull out Fused Switch Box?

Thanks in advance.

I do believe that tag does not show the manufacturer but is stating it is approved by Canadian Engineering Standards Association (now the CSA) And approved by the former Hydro Electric Power Commission (AKA the defunct Ontario Hydro). The label may only be approving the cabinet door front.
Did you open the doors inside? It looks to me like an industrial/ commercial fuse holder. Sorry I couldn’t give any information to your question except that this may be a split bus system.
The Canadian Engineering Standards Association was renamed CSA in 1944.
Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario was renamed in 1974.
I will guess it was manufactured between 1940 and 1944.
The CSA started putting their mark on products in 1944

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