Disconnects and remote wiring question

The wiring in these three service disconnect panels appears to be wrong. For one, the ground (bare copper) wires are not connected in the panels. The wire just loops in two panels and ends in the third one without connecting to the panel. Two, the grounds for the 4 wire feeders to the remote panels in the basement are also not connected. Making it a 3 wire feed. This appears to be a fairly new electrical service. Why would someone not connect the grounds? Also I did not inspect the remote panels. The inspection was ended before I could do that but I will return to the home to complete the inspection. When I do inspect the remote panels what should I see? I assume the ground and neutral wires should be separated whether it’s a 3 or 4 wire feed.

Yes. They are wired improperly.

Since you have four conductors heading to the load side equipment, I would expect to see four incoming conductors in use, with an isolated ground/neutral.

That’s all screwed up. They have the grounded neutral bonded to one panel, not bonded to other panel…and the grounding conductor just “floating” around, touching panel in some places (not secured), clipped of in others, while the panels are connected/bonded to the meter can.

Thanks I did not see that the ground screw in the one panel was missing.

I was thinking I would see the grounding wires not connected in the remote panels.

I should have phrased it as what I should see vs. expect to see. Given what we see in these panels, I expect it to be wrong. However, the downstream equipment should be utilizing all four conductors and the service equipment should be properly wired. They need to correct the service equipment and the distribution panels together. The good news is that they have all the conductors, they just need connectors.