Discount on Asbestos and Vermiculite testing

I was contacted by NACHI members with a question: “How to use a promotional code on laboratory testing for Asbestos, UFFI, Vermiculte and other?”:roll:.

You are right, it is a little bit complicated;-). The code is “NACHI03”, and it works for online orders only:

To use it:

  1. Create an Account in “My Account Window”
  2. Order services/tests you need
  3. Select “My Card”
  4. Type in: NACHI03 into Discount Code window.
  5. Pay for your order (CC or a check)
  6. We will email your prepaid “Request for analysis form”
  7. Send your samples to our lab and we will process them at highest priority.

If this is too complicated, just email me at and I will reply with shipping instructions. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for your business.

I do not take samples and send them away .
Why because not all vermiculite has asbestos.
So if I take 3 or 5 or more from different places and they come back clean .
(1) Now WE still do not know if in another area of the attic is clean .
(2) If permission has not been given by the home owner I am stealing .
(3) Our SOP says we do a visual inspection would you call taking samples visual?

I send them to CMHC so they do their own thing



This could be a “legit” post, but, it sure feels like the dozens of “crap” emails I get every day! Just sayin’ !!!

This is nice. Just sayin’ !!!

Dear Jeffrey, this is a real post from a real laboratory. As an owner of a start-up laboratory I need to do everything I can to show that we can deliver excellent service at fair price. To give NACHI members an opportunity to try our service risk free, I slashed Asbestos testing price in half. The introductory rate is valid for online orders only, and will be active until the end of April 2011.

Laboratory operates according to ISO 17025 policies, and follows Ontario MOL Regulation for asbestos testing. We are located in the Research Park of the UWO (London, Ontario, Canada).

I hope I addressed your concerns.

Stepan Reut, Ph.D., M.Eng., B.Sc., C.Chem.

Something stinks here. Beware Canadian Inspectors! You heard it here first!!!

This does not follow proper protocol for this Association or MB. Nick ALWAYS announces special discounts and such.

How did these alledged Nachi members hear about and receive the alledged “promotional code”?

No, somethings not right here! Prove me wrong!

I have been inspecting in London Ontario for 5 years, I offer air quality testing and this company has never contacted me. I look at their website and they advertise services to the public so they are retailers in my opinion. It seems to me that they want to suck and blow at the same time, get work from home inspectors and compete with them at the same time. I do not wish them any harm and may even want to work with them but they have gone about in the wrong way in my opinion. By posting on this message board are they not in fact advertising and should they at least have the integrity to pay for membership in some way? The prices they have advertised has caused me some embarasment with clients who do not understand the other work involved in sampling time, shipping costs and chain of custody documents etc… not to mention I may want to make a buck or two for myself.