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Hey guys,

I was just reading a lifehacker article about the five best domain name registrars, and most of these registrars are offering domains for $9-12. Because of the large volume of domains we purchase, Nick and I get discounted domains for $7.49 through Godaddy, and I thought it only makes sense to extend that discount to InterNACHI members. If you don’t already have a domain name, go ahead and grab one at:


I read the same article last night.
The only bad part with Go Daddy is the constant spamming.

The reason being if something important came up I would never know to read it.

Best tip I read in the lifehacker piece was to not buy your domain through your host or it may be hard to switch hosts if not impossible later on.
They sometimes own the rights to the domain in the fine print.

I just turned off all the Godaddy notifications, and they don’t bother me.

It is always a good idea to purchase the domain name on your own, so you’re sure you have control over it. Make sure you own the domain, that you can transfer it to another registrar if you want to, and you have full control of the DNS/nameserver settings for the domain (all of which is supported by Godaddy).

I clicked on the link and see the discounts but how would they know who we are ? .
I mean, can I pass this link on to an ASHI member and they get the discount also ?

Yeah—we’ll put members-only restrictions on it eventually.

Wow Very Cool Chris. I was getting to renew some domains and this will come in handy

1&1 has domain name registration for $4.99 for first year and then $8.99 for each year after.


Good deal Chris. I just registered six more domains thru them. I get bulk pricing, but this would have saved me even more. I’ll use it next time.

I put this info in the members only sections several days ago. If you’re renewing Godaddy domains or purchase ANY Godaddy products check out or the link below I’m pasting from my old message. Here you’ll find all kinds of promo codes and discounts.

Just renewed a couple domains. Usually I troll the internet for promo codes.

Found one that works for renewals $7.99 .com, $7.50 .net & org, $3.99 private registrations

Normal right now .com’s are about $11 and private reg’s are $8

use promo code gdbb776, I got this one off…07/?start=1260

This adds up, especially since I got about 20 domains to renew per year :smile:

OK. i am online with godaddy at the checkout and I am assuming I need a promotion code or something. How do we get the discount if we log in as ourselves…

Thank you

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Bob, I’ve used GoDaddy for 5 years now, and I never receive spam from them. Is that actually your personal experience with them, or just more BS from someone who got duped by Yahoo years ago? I get a couple of renewal notices every year and that’s about it.

You should just be able to follow the link on that page and then refresh your shopping cart. If that doesn’t work, click the link on that page, and then add the domain from that page.