Discounted Second Inspection?

I inspected a home on Saturday, it had Major electric deficiencies. I was told today the buyers want out of the contract. The lender who referred me for this inspection called and asked me if the buyers find another house would I give a discount on a new inspection. I told them I would. I am not sure what a reasonable discount would be. Does any one have any suggestions? Does anyone give discounts for this type of situation and if so how much would you give. Never had this situation before.

No, but maybe the third house. Also depending on the age, size, etc…
Does the steak house give you a discount for coming back?

Yes I do $25:00 but they do not get the report book as they have one from the last inspection . Roy Cooke

Thanks for your input Roy.

What Roy said.:slight_smile:

Ditto Roy, but I don’t give a book the first time. (yet)

Glad to help this BB is so good to all of us I give much and get back Much more .
Did one Saturday for a client that bought a home two years ago .
I was the one that brought it up .
Happy as hell no book papers only .
Did One today Third Inspections for these people Ist 4 years ago second two years ago and now today. .
I love repeat Clients they sell you to the two agents about how they have been treated .
No amount of money can buy this type of advertising.
Tomorrow one from a person I gave a tape measure to two years ago.
Great return for a $1;00 tape measure.

Roy Cooke

Thanks to everyone. Love this BB!!

FWIW…I did 2 of these last week…and I gave a 10% discount…I felt good about it and shocked them both…in fact, I had to write one of them a check as they had already written it for the amount they found on my pricing schedule…

For me that 10% is well worth the good will…and the inspection and any subsequent inspections with the same HAPPY clients…go easier mentally and all feel comfortable…

I give $25 referral rewards to any former client that refers someone to me. I also give the referred client a $25 discount. In the case of a second inspection, I give the client $50 off as if he referred himself.

Well at least -we- learned something from Russel Ray’s posts…:smiley:

I recently had a client ask for a discount for a second inspection since he didn’t buy the first one I inspected. Gave him a $25 discount and on the second inspection he also presented me with a $25 Referral Rewards Coupon.:shock: :shock: :shock:

Never. Chances are because you did such a good job on the first one they’ll use you on the second, third, fourth, etc. The liability is always there. I discovered on my first lawsuit that I discounted my price. Never, never, ever again.

I understand where you’re coming from, but we are using different sets of values to establish pricing policy. I would rather have a client be thrilled and lose out on $25 (greater potential for successful referral marketing) than have a client who is merely satisfied.

Both approaches certainly have merit and can be consistently applied. Ultimately it depends on your perspective and what fits best with your personality and plan.

The 10% off is worth it to me…

Easier to sell to a current client…than gain a new one.

I offer a $25 discount to everyone for any inspection after thier first full home inspection. Had one lady that had me do 5 inspections for her. I also have 150 - $25 discount coupons handed out to realtors to hand out to their clients for thier 1st full home inspection.

I really appreciate the input you guys have given me on this subject. The guy who referred this client to me( not sure if he is a realtor or a broker, doesnt matter…he’s got lots of business) called me today and said The clients got out of the contract. He said I did a good job on the inspection and the clients have found another home. I of course will be getting that inspection. I did not tell him how much I will discount it, but from input I got off the BB, it will be either 10% or $25.00. At first I felt sorry people who got out of their contract because of what we find, and then have to find another home, and pay for another inspection because that can add up to lots of bucks. But after hearing all of you. I don’t feel bad anymore…I’m not the one who has poor judgement in picking houses.

Thank you all.