Discovery Shuttle launch video...

As seen through a window aboard an airliner…


Remarkable. I have seen four launches from the press area and each one was aw inspiring.
And now your president has surrendered the technological high ground to states that couldn’t launch a boat when Armstrong walked on the moon. Next year and for all the years after, American astronauts will have to beg a ride to a space station that they built, from the Chinese, The Russians, The Indians and the Japanese.

Change you can believe in . . . . . .

Yeah George. Trillions of dollars in debt and we want to spend more on space exploration. Nah, just cut education, social security and medicare. Right?

Just stay North of the border and maybe you Canadians will figure out how to launch the boat someday. :wink:

Hey Stephen, while you still have the chance, take a look at the flag on the pay-load arm in the cargo bay. If you haven’t figured out that the space programme is one of the few endeavours that your government has been involved in that has actually turned a profit, then continue down that path. And watch as your president turns your country into an “also ran”.

That’s awesome!

Give vouchers to parents so that they can send their kids to good private schools (which would cost 1/2 as much if they didn’t have to compete with government-run expensive schools). Give the other 1/2 to NASA. Our kids would be well educated and on their way to colonizing Mars.