This dude send his agent a message suggesting that I am discriminating against him, for not rating this door as Large Missile Impact. A real nasty note about me, he sent. Funny thing is that Im not even sure if he’s different than me, ie; race, religion, skin tone, ect…

BTW, Its a not rated door

Maybe if he stained the inset to match his door? Then could you rate it impact? LOL
Some people just don’t get it.

LOL, cute covering.

How would something this affect the scenario?

If it covers the whole opening then it is good(including installed properly).

I think you did discriminate against the door. Based on your observations (you didn’t feel it met a predetermined standard) so you rated it to be inferior to other doors. Tell the homeowner to tell the door to hire an attorney.

Thanks John. Even though I don’t have to deal with Fl. issues, I still like to stay educated on current methods and products. I learned of the linked product through a JLC newsletter. I found it interesting that the linked product states “as good as plywood” and attaches with belts/buckles, but the door in the picture is using plywood with latches, and is not acceptable. So I am assuming the issue is the ‘entire’ door, not just the plywood over the door window?

We do not shutter doors or windows. We shutter openings. That means the impact rated devices must be structurally attached as per the approved attachment system. Plywood is approved by the building code if installed properly. Everything else is cosidered not rated and not to code. Most other systems are not eligible for discounts on the Florida 1802 wind mitigation.

Thanks again John.

You did discriminate, the door is brown and your not.

Ask him if he will allow you to test it for large missile impact and not hold you responsible.

I think you just don’t like the dark wood being attached to the light wood…Wood Racism…I see it all the time…Shame on you!

Russell, wood you please cover that in more detail.