Dishwasher question

I have a question about backflow prevention on dishwashers which we have to report on here in Texas.

Typically I make sure that there is a “hi-loop” on the drain line. I reported the lack of a hi-loop on an inspection and the homeowner had a plumber come look at it. He said that this dishwasher had a built-in hi-loop. Can anyone enlighten me on how to know if a dishwasher does or does not have a hi-loop? I assume it may have to do with the age?!?!?!


Hello go to this link and you will see what the technician meant…

It would be on newer models.

As far as I know there is no way to tell it is there, short of removing the dishwasher from the cabinet to look. I just say there is no VISIBLE loop or anti siphon device. If the plumber comes later and say it is on the unit, that is good enough and there is no problem.

From what I have seen, if the drain line is at the top of the cabinet going to the dishwasher, there is usually a high-loop. If the drain line run is at the base of the cabinet, there usually is not a built in.