Dishwasher Support

OK in my opinion this application is incorrect… How would you call it out?

Hop 027.jpg

Verify correct installation per manufacturer’s installation instructions.

This may not be an issue if the door seal keep water out of the added mounting hole but should probably be plugged or capped.

Hard to tell from your picture, but it almost looks linke a nail was driven throught the line. If so, it needs to be repaired.

They actaully used two wood screws for support. Wouldnt this void any warranty?


Were the normal brackets at the top not utilized?

Most likely. Agree with Dale - why did they not use the brackets at the top.

The more expensive dishwahser also have side screws, but they come with a cap to seal them.

Tile countertop was installed before the dishwasher I think.

Brackets on the top of DW are secured to underside on counter top.

My feable attempt tp get rid of canadian BS