Disposal . . . want to share

Just want to share an image/grahics that I include in my reports when I find a disposal with frozen/rusted/or missing interior impellers.

The image is a jpg file that should import into any reporting software, the text I use when reporting the above is as follows:

Frozen/rusted/or missing interior impellers - interior impellers should turn freely on a pivit point. In addition, the grind plate should revolve. Oftentimes with age or disuse of the disposal, impellers become rusted to the grinding plate rendering them less effective in grinding food. Sometimes the impellers can be freed making the disposal fully functional again, however if this is not possible the only cure is the replacement of the disposal. We recommend replacement units have stainless steel interior parts, including the grinding plate to prevent further similar problems.

The image below is reduced from the original, the original can be download and used from my website at: www.housenspect.com/NACHI/images/disposal.jpg
The user name is NACHI, password is: go4it
If you have any trouble, send me an email and I be happy to sent you a copy.
Hope this helps a little.


Very Interesting Michael
We do not have disposals in our area so this is great education.

Thanks Roy Cooke

Thanks Michael,

Nice image.



You’re welcome.