Do you think that some of the good stuff might just come up in the other sink?

Common arrangement. I’d be more worried about siphoning back into the dishwasher. I didn’t see a high loop.

The baffle prevents discharge from disposer from ending up in the sink. I just state that the presence of the baffle cannot be determined, and that this arrangement can cut down on flow.

tee with a baffle.jpg

oh yea and don’t forget to punch the knockout on the disposer before You attach that line…never mind how I know this, just trust me on this one…

It’s OK if it is a baffled T


and if you do remember to punch the knockout you must also remember to take it out of the disposal, also never mind how I know this :slight_smile:

Air-gap required for UPC compliance…

I’ve been waiting on you to say that! :wink:

This is a better installation.