Dissolving slate?

Good link.

Those holes were caused by the nails Robert. Though they only sat up 1/16" or so, the slate were so soft they popped holes.
I’ve never seen the galvanized nails cause issues other than rotting away and allowing the slate to fall offf the buildings. Same for straps. I seem to have lost a complete folder of the issues shown here in the OP.

I only found one similar pic where the iron particles in the slate were rusting themselves out. The copper nail is about to be set for a repair sequence I was photograghing.

Bib Use for Slate Repair (1).jpg

That is what I thought.
That is why I mentioned look at where they are placed and mentioned galvanised nails.
The heads rust and fall off. The protrusion left behind from the fastener will ware away the slate on top.
Great work.

Good slate is expense. There are many thickness for roof pitch and load capabilities.
The link I left behind talk about imports from INDIA, CHINA AND SPAIN if I am not mistaken.
The same with galvanised straps for roof jacks left behind they will ware away the slates on top.

I was looking for galvanic reaction.
Between stale. galvanized and minerals in slate. Rare but it can happen.
Iwill dig deeper.
I lost a bunch of folders.

I am happy you formed a hypotheses.:slight_smile:

Frank how old is that roof?

Galvanic reaction makes sense.

Both roofs I posts pix of were about 120. Vermont slate on both.

BY comparison, here’s another 120+ year old roof with Buckinghams. Bad repairs notwithstanding, the biggest issue is rusted and completely gone galvanised nails. The slates are sliding off.

Depending on which order they loaded, the last one even has a portion of a galvanized bib sticking out from under a slate. It’s at least 60 years old. No harm to the slate above or below it.

Nails rotted Off (2).jpg

Nails rotted Off (2).jpg

Nails rotted Off (4).jpg

Nails rotted Off (3).jpg

I have a long video at G+ if you want to see it.https://plus.google.com/103247743251122058592?hl=en

BTW, do not seal slate! It just closes the keyways and causes leaks.

I enjoyed theslate repair tutorial, Frank. Thanks.

Excuse me for not saying the same, Thanks Frank.
Yes slate does last some time when maintenance and installed properly.
I do not miss working off of 3/4 inch hemp rope tied to my waste on 18/12 pitch roof decks. my Boss use to use as one point PPE, HA HA HA.
Nick had a thread asking about pitch and slope. Did anyone know the difference.
I posted a short explanation.
Pitch is vertical and slope is geometry degree of the run.

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