Distasteful roofs

I dislike two story roofs like this one I don’t like dragging my ladder to the first level :wink:

Jim, I think it was Jim, gave you bad advice. You are not supposed to taste 'em. :roll::smiley:

Larry that is what life is all about tasting everything Just finished off two big BLT’s fresh tomatoes and fresh fried Okra and will top that off with a fresh water melon.

Yea some roofs are distasteful that leave a bad taste:mrgreen:

I can go with the first part…:smiley:

Me to I’m gone for crimson sweet; bye:D

Next time Charley, take off the end-sections of your ladder and use just the center (folding) section.

This significantly reduces the weight of the ladder. You don’t really need a wide base when you’re straddling the peak of the roof. If you think you do, then just take off one section. The reduced weight of the ladder in your hand makes it much easier when climbing your other ladder.

You guys are nuts.

If my ladder doesn’t reach it from the ground, I can’t get to it. I’m not falling off of a roof for any inspection.

I have to agree that what Charlie does sometimes is really pushing it.
And needless to say it only takes one lapse in judgement, one little slip, one loose shingle and you’re flying into a world of pain.

Your from KC right:p

Guys ladders are my baby I have spent most of my working life on a ladder, had a lady this very morning offer to let me use her 6 footer hanging on the garage wall I told her no thanks I will go get mine because strange ladders are just like strange horses both will put you on the ground.

Like I said in your other thread Charlie, I’m glad I’m not you.
I wish you the very best of “luck”!

But when even you rate the “pucker” factor as High I wish you’d look at it from the eaves or through a scope!

Thanks Tom but I don’t rely on luck it helps to know what your doing. I don’t take what I consider as unecessary chances I know what my limations are and I don’t step beyond. Everyone is different.

I still buck horses out when I reach 80 I might quit;-)

That’s good.