Distres Phenomena Mistakenly Attributed To Foundation Movement

Very interesting listing to help in causes of foundation Movement.
A must read.

Foundation Movement Phenomena:slight_smile:

Very good info.


I can’t believe it took 4 years for this group, including engineers, to develop and approve this list. All of these problems, causes and cures was well documented to the point of common knowledge to any profession that worked with concrete & masonry for any length of time. Concrete shrinks, masonry has thermal expansion and steel expands when it rusts… The majority of this information was probably known by the Romans. However, for new inspectors this is good information. I am sure Marcel will agree knowledge and experience gained over time seems to get lost and rediscovered every generation or two.

That is why I posted this Randy. I have been in the building industry since the mid 60’s in all facets of building and when I found this, I thought it would help many so they do not make the wrong call when they see a crack in the wall, brick, block or concrete.
Hopefully, they will print it like I did for future references.

And thanks for your contributions also Randy, just wish there were more Architects and Engineers on this board to help all from their point of views sometime. :):wink:

Excellent Marcel! Great chart. Just re-affirms a lot of things I have seen.

New Inspector’s should have this for ready reference. At some point new Inspector’s should ride along with a structural engineer when the PE or structural engineer has to do forensic’s on any failing exterior part of building envelope. It will give you a new perspective on building design and the job PE’s and Architect’s have.

Randy, I agree with you. Only thing is we are not all PE’s. You assess, and probably diagnose, structural issues daily. Love it–PE’s and Architect’s make safe structures for all. Yes, we need to keep the training going, we cannot allow it to get lost in any generation.

I have worked side by side with a lot of Architects and Engineers in my career and there has been a lot to learn from these guys as to why things get done in a certain way.
Learned a lot from them. Working as a team also helps in solving any problems in design along the way.

Agree Marcell, same for me.

Team effort especially with remodel work. You may have a blueprint, but sometimes there has to be field changes.

Really like the chart. Never saw one like this. I have printed it out and have in my reference book.


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Not sure what your post means.

Foundation Performance Association. www.foundationpeformance.org

There are a bunch of studies on this site. Another interesting one deals with trees and root systems and effects on foundations etc.


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