Distribution Panel

This is the distribution panel it does have all 4 screws in the dead front. Upon further inspection, the box is not flush with the wall and the main disconnect is inset from the dead front. The bottom right is an open knockout and needs a blank put in.

Once the dead front is off the top 2 left 40amp breakers have no wires attached to them, the wires were cut off and left in the box. There is also a splice with a crimp and tape. A 15amp breaker (2nd up on right) is double lugged. The 30amp breaker (bottom left) the black ungrounded conductor is set in the breaker correct. How ever the red ungrounded conductor has the insulation stripped back 3/4" away from the breaker. The main yellow grounded conductor does have antioxidant paste on it.

The legend is marked with names, and not rooms. They have been crossed out and relisted on the dead front. There are a few that are still wrong