Distribution panel?

Here is a panel in a bedroom closet that protects the bedroom outlets and lighting. The bonding strap is no attached. It doesn’t look right with the feed, 12/2 wire going to the lug. Any and all comments are welcomed.

A SUB-PANEL, or REMOTE DISTRIBUTION PANEL, is merely an extension of the main service panel. Since the neutrals are bonded to the grounding wires in the MAIN SERVICE PANEL, the grounding wires (bare) and the neutral wires (white) should never be connected in any manner beyond the main panel. However, the grounding wires should be bonded to the sub-panel. Also there should be a fourth wire–attached to the ground buss in the main panel and connected to the separate, bonded ground buss in the sub-panel.

  1. Equipment ground is not bonded to the panel
  2. The lug that connects 2 grounds is not rated for 2 wires
  3. No AFCI protection? or is it at the main panel?
  4. Are you sure that is not 14/2?
  5. Appears to be a waste of a panel for the purpose it serves. Best to be a junction box. Why even use a OCPD when there is one in the main (we hope)
  6. Located in a clothes closet is a no-no.

[size=2][FONT=Verdana]Most, if not all, modern building safety practices do not allow electrical service panels or distribution (sub) panels to be installed in clothes closet. Over current devices should not be located in the vicinity of easily ignitable material, such as in clothes closets.

Examples of locations where combustible materials may be stored are linen closets, paper storage closets, and clothes closets.

The panel location may also limit the required working space at the panel.

Gary is the circuit on an overcurrent protective device in the main panel, if not it should be. If it is why is it going to a sub panel in a closet? I would have installed a junction box instead of a sub panel.


This is a hack job. Recommend removal of the panel and “circuit” by a qualified electrician.

There’s no telling what other issues exist with the balance of the installation.

Utility Co’s will “make mention” (at minimum) for EMF issues when a panel is on exterior of bedroom as well.

Have seen a few times over the years where AHJ allowed install and utility said “Really?” when meter was to be installed.