Diversified Research Alpha 2 Radon CRM for sale

This thing is new,used maybe 4 times.
I have all the paperwork

The old guy who makes these down in florida is a stickler
he’s selling them for about 1700 each currently

I guess he invented the sun nuclear monitors as well.

This is his personal offering.
I do not use it as I like to stick with my same software when using
the sun nuclear 1029…

First 600 OBO gets it …
It’s Built like a brick ****house

how do you get it re calibrated?

I usually open the lid and dump a full cup of coffee and one sugar down the port hole once a year …

It really seems to keep it happy …:smiley:

seriously though …it’s so damn good it’s the only CRM that requires no annual calibration…


OK I’ll stop.

The company that manufactures it down in Florida does a calibration of course
$100.00 fee…

This unit has sold and is being shipped to a new member here today .

Thanks Kevin,

I never thought I would say something like “I can’t wait to plug in my new Radon monitor” but I am looking forward to giving my Realtor friends a 48 hour test result with an accurate machine.

Hell of a deal and I will put it to good use.

New member
Paul Lesieur