DIY Home Inspection app.

First-Ever DIY Home Inspection App Saves Homeowners Time and Money

SAN FRANCISCO, June 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ – Today, Esurance](javascript:void(0)) announced the industry’s first [DIY Home Inspection app](javascript:void(0)), which empowers new Esurance homeowners policyholders to easily self-inspect their homes and receive a policy discount.*

Ordinarily, a new policyholder would need to schedule a visit with a certified home inspector to receive an inspection report. But since Esurance believes in using smart technology to make life easier, customers can now use the DIY Home Inspection app to complete a home inspection in as little as 25 minutes at a time that’s convenient for them.

Esurance DIY Home Inspection app.

The application provides easy-to-use instructions for the homeowner to video areas inside and outside their home. That content is then securely and automatically sent to Esurance to assess and underwrite the homeowners insurance policy. Policyholders can also save the video clips as a cursory inventory of their home, which could be helpful evidence in the event of a claim.

“Advances in technology are changing the way insurers can conduct property inspections. From using high-resolution cameras to tablets and smartphones, there are new, efficient ways to gather property information,” said Jeff Ill, vice president, homeowner product at Esurance. “The DIY Home Inspection app is a great example of how we’re leveraging technology to provide our customers with a smarter, easier way of doing things.”

New Esurance customers can sign up for the DIY Home Inspection discount when purchasing the homeowners policy. Then, policyholders can simply download the DIY Home Inspection app and complete the inspection within 20 days.

For more information about the DIY Home Inspection discount, visit](javascript:void(0)).

And to make finding the right insurance coverage a little easier, Esurance recently released a new home insurance calculator](javascript:void(0)) that helps estimate how much coverage a homeowner may want to consider for a policy before getting a quote.

*New Esurance homeowners policyholders can get a first-term discount of $50 by self-inspecting their home using the mobile app. Not available in all states. Requires compatible smartphone.

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looks to me like you are just video taping the home and not really inspecting it.

No doubt the homowner will video the cracks in foundation clearly enough the insurance company will laugh when a moisture issue claim comes in … What you want insurance to pay for that existing foundation problem you filmed for us?

Glad only private insurance companies are allowed to write here in Florida. Like to see a homeowner do their own wind mitigation :lol: