DIY website.

Great news Victor, but where exactly would done go to “check it out” :roll: :-k

And your employer pays you for this?

Great, so we wait with baited breath for this link to your site…

I can’t wait to be part of it :roll:


Step away from the beer…:stuck_out_tongue:

Hey I saw the pictures of the basement work you did…

Did you pull any permits?


You realize you are our worst nightmare, right?

Hey Victor, I just went through your post on putting a door between the garage and your living space…

You need to stop doing DIY projects until you educate yourself some more on basic construction techniques and building codes. There are a lot of problems with what you are doing and I don’t think we are here to educate you on them.

Are you guys having fun, is this a joke or for real ???
yall didn’t really just hack a hole in the wall and stuff a door in it … did ya???

Please someone tell me what needs to be done to install a door between the house and garage??

Why did you pull your post’s and take your web site down?

I think some one got in over their head or could he be trying to bait Home Inspectors to use against us ?
Very strange .
Roy Cooke

Hey Victor, sorry - didn’t want to scare you away. You are doing the right thing asking questions. It’s just that in this job we see a lot of DIY work that is a hazard and seriously done wrong. You just need to educate yourself some on building codes and construction techniques. There is a reason the contractor wanted to charge you $1500 for installing that door.

Check this out, great resource: