Dji phantom 4 pro

Dji keeps putting out better and better drones. Im hoping the prices drop alittle before Christmas. Im still up in the air with which one i want. The mavic or the phantom 4 pro.

I think I will get the DJI 3 this Christmas as it has better reviews than the 4.

$700- $800.00

Pau, I have the 3 Adv. that I might be selling. I am getting the Mavic and waiting for shipping.
Have the controller, the backpack, 3 extra batteries with the 4 battery charger, 64 GB high speed micro card, the sun shield for a Ipad mini, extra blades and blade guards, and special camera guards. Retail was over $2K. Looking to get about $800 for all of it.
Hope to get my new one before turkey day.
Just wanted you to know.

Mine phantom 3 has been rock solid

Keep me posted.