Do all vents need to be covered for spray foam insulation?

When there is spray foam insulation does the old ventilation need to be covered somehow or removed? The gable vents and roof vents were still there but I have no idea if they were covered or sealed on the inside.

Also the foam was soft so I figured it was open cell and I did not know if I should be concerned with it being on the roof and this is NY as opposed to closed cell.

Yes that looks like open cell.

You don’t need the vents, though removing the old gable vent would of been smart. The insulated space should have an air exchanger installed.

Great article Ken

Here is another I should have included.

Open cell foam is a bad application on roof sheathing. It will allow just enough air through it to destroy the sheathing over time. I certainly would write it up each time, if applied in that manner, as that could come back to bite you. For the application, you really would need an air exchanger processing the total volume of the air in the home. But even if you are doing that, the damage alone from the sun hitting the surfaces will probably still ruin the sheathing.