Do any inspectors have a brokers license as well?

Do any inspectors have a broker’s license as well? If so how does that sit with the other real estate agents? Is it a plus for business or a hindrance? I have been inspecting for almost 20 years and just finished the pre-licensing courses and was curious if anyone has had any experience with this type of situation. Thanks in advance for any insight.

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I have a real estate license. I’ve had it since 1986. I haven’t sold a house in years, but keep the license, mostly because, in Colorado, only agents or approved associates can have access to lockboxes and it is a convenience for agents who care about the rules to give me lockbox info. The cost of keeping it averages about $350 a year with required insurance and continuing ed costs. Many of the agents I work with don’t know I’m licensed. Once in a while, some agent will be suspicious until they work with me and find out that I have no interest in stealing their client. And some other agents like it because they think that it gives me understanding of the other side. Maybe it does since I was an active agent before I became an inspector 23 years ago, but frankly, I am so out of the real estate side, that I always refer people to the agents I think are good. I much prefer being a home inspector. We have a job where we never have to consider that this deal needs to close so we can make our own house payment.


I have a real estate license here in Wisconsin. I don’t inspect properties I have a financial interest in (working with a seller or a buyer). I do disclose that I am both a licensed inspector and an agent and my clients appreciate that I point out potential problems for them before they waste their time making an offer on a dump (I guess I’m not a good used house salesman). The occasional sale generates enough income for when inspections are slow but I much prefer the inspections. If you decide to go down this road, stay ethical and always put the client first.


Hi Brian, I’ve been a realtor and a licensed inspector both for 20 years it’s great for access and communications with the Realtors as you are now familiar with their contracts and more of their procedures so you are able to see both sides I hope that makes sense


Thanks Lon, The course was only $200 and I had always been curious. I am like you, I like the inspection side of things much better as well. I think the agents do get suspicious. Thank you for taking the time to give me some insight.

Thank you for the input and for confirming my thoughts.