Do any of the other Canadian associations have a message board I can get on?

And if so, are they open to me?

Absolutely, if you meet all the qualifications and send in your $300.00.

Bill Mullen runs his own BB its called the Canuk BB The cost is I believe $15;00 for one year and $25:00 for two years .
Unfortunatly his rules are only for those who live in Canada.
Like all of Bills Rules they can be bent to suit him so.
Why not send him a email Bill Mullen E-mail Address .
OAHI also has the CAFE and you need to be student to at least to get on it .oahi E-mail Address very expensive and very exclusive
Ask Dave Bottoms he has been known to use others pass words and to share his .
He lent his to Bill Mullen to get onto the NACHI bb before

Roy Cooke

And you have to pass an online quiz. :wink: