Do I mention an enormous, outdoor wood sculpture causing havoc... in my report?

Imagine if you pulled up to a home inspection job and someone constructed a big wood sculpture that weighed many thousands of pounds. Part of the sculpture leaned out over the roof of the house. Part of it was dropping pieces onto the roof. The base of the sculpture was possibly interfering with the sewer line. Part of the sculpture may have wood-destroying insect infestation. Another part of the big wooden sculpture was rotted. And the top of the sculpture was almost touching the electrical service line.

Would you mention it in your report?

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IMO, (that is what I am being paid for), if it directly affects the home or family in a negative manner, IT GOES IN THE REPORT!

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of course…

Is this a trick question?

Sounds like your describing a tree. Any large tree dead or alive I feel could have negative impact on the house or safety of the occupants is mentioned in the report. Sap dripping on the roof causing moss or lichen to grow. Clogged gutters, limbs touching the roof or walls, dead limbs that could fall an injury or kill someone, including touching the power lines. However on large acreage properties tree issues within what I would call the yard area are considered. A dead tree within the falling radius of the house is in the report, a dead tree farther away but in the yard gets mentioned, beyond that outside the scope of the inspection IMO. Same goes for fencing comments. Back when I did septic inspections, trees in the leach field were called out, otherwise on a normal home inspection I have no knowledge what’s under ground. I do have a comment on all reports suggesting the buyers should get the sewer line scoped prior to closing.


Just be careful that you avoid any destructive testing when investigating a piece of art…or did you not see the movie “Bean”


What Randy said. Is that big wood sculpture a tree? If so of course I/we would report on it.

It seems a few people didn’t read the entire post from the OP. :wink:

I read it… just thought it was strange calling a tree a big wood sculpture.

But I have to admit I usually don’t read entire post that Nick writes, especially when there is a link you have to click. I never click those and go down the rabbit hole.


Would you mention it in your report? Absolutely.

Agreed, and also a “sculpture” that “someone constructed” as opposed to a “tree” that “nature created”.

I called out this sculpture a couple days ago because it appeared to be in distress with most of the bark missing and it’s leaves were falling off like it’s late fall.

Just to be clear for some of our “more gullible” inspectors, I did not call it out as a sculpture in distress, but instead a tree in distress. :deciduous_tree:

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Yup, Yup, Yup !!


I may not call that tree out, would not be fair to the tree…but I can guarantee that photo would make it into the report somehow inconspicuously.