Do I need to mention this...

How do I write up exterior rated wiring located inside of the panel. Is it ok??? It terminates outside to the sub for the AC. Also there are long tails inserted into the breakers…do I recommend that they be trimmed or leave them be???

I don’t see a problem with it the gray wire. I don’t see any plastic beneath the breaker screws. Do you really want to ask someone to hire an electrician to trim 1/8" off the end of a wire? While you might do it differently, that doesn’t mean the electrician did it wrong.

What’s the basis of your idea that this is a problem?

If it were “exterior rated wiring,” there would be no issue. However, this appears to be a cord & plug assembly that was altered/modified for this application, in which case, I would call it out as improper wiring.

There is nothing wrong with the black wire you have an arrow drawn to, provided it is sized correctly for the breaker.


That looks like UF cable to me. It just looks like it was not stripped down to the conductor insulation.

thanks for the opinions guys…your help is awesome!!!

Cord wouldn’t have solid conductors would it?

I see it now, thanks.

You’re correct Chuck, cord would be stranded.

Is the neutral at the bottom of the bus bar oxidized or burt? Perhaps it’s just a shadow.