Do it your-self Home Inspection

Are they serious?

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A few will buy. Some will consider. Most will not spend the $19.95

And on the same page they want you to become a home inspector!!!

Why not just have “do it your self” mortgages? Or “do it your self” eye eyams?:shock:

I here you Greg, when I first saw this site a few years ago I wondered if its author had been practicing on himself from his DIY frontal labotomy guide :mrgreen:



DIY eye exams aren’t so bad… it really hurts a lot at first, but once you get thru the pain it’s not so bad. A little blind in the left eye now, but, hey, the kit was only $19.95.

Now you tell me.:frowning: :roll:

You guys are sure alot of fun!!!


Hey, if you still have your $19.95 kit, you can work
on my eyes next. It will be free for me that way.

This is great…:shock: